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About Us

We are a husband a wife team running an online business.  We have (still) a small but growing Etsy business with many of the same products but we love the idea of starting our own website.  Kevin runs a growing and well-known website called Funashore where he has much research and information about cruising.  As avid cruisers this comes very easy to us both.  We are dedicated to quality and will not ship anything that does not meet our strict quality standards.  On Facebook and our sister shop on Etsy our 5 star review history clearly demonstrates this.  So you can most certainly buy with confidence.
We also would like you to know we hand make all of our products.  Nothing is drop shipped, we touch and personally ship everything you receive.
Our mission is to support leisure and in return increased quality of life for all of us so we can get a break from the every day work grind.