Personalized Tumbler Information Page (including warranty and guarantee)

Warranty and Quality Assurance:

All tumblers are made with the highest quality products, quality tested with the best customer experience ratings.  Your tumbler is guaranteed from the manufacturer.  Please let me know if it has failed to keep your product cold or hot for 5-6 hours as promised.  If ever there is ever a time when our production process has rendered a product that is less than what was desired please allow us to fix it.  You have 14 days to return the product to us for a refund or replacement from the date of receipt. This is our guarantee of quality.

Use and Care Instructions:

PLEASE NOTE: I have had questions about our tumblers and stainless steel tumblers in general being safe in the dishwasher. My tumblers are made with epoxy that is rated to 500 degrees F and most dishwashers temperatures can go to 200 degrees. Thus the epoxy on my cups are not in danger nor is your design in the dishwasher HOWEVER, stainless steel cups by design are vacuum sealed/double walled around that seal to keep your drinks cold and that seal is said to be vulnerable in high temperatures so the cup itself whether decorated or undecorated is to be hand washed only per manufacturer instructions. Any other use including in a hot car is totally fine. Any attempt in the dishwasher voids our return/damage/warranty policy and is at your own risk. Please be advised. Thank you.