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Want to remember every Carnival cruise?  Cruise Carnival often?  Memorialize every cruise, ship and stateroom with a custom magnet to create a collection!  Show off all of your past Carnival cruise experiences on every future cruise!  Add to your collection every time you cruise again! Estimated production time before shipping: 5-7 business days.

  • Custom made cruise door magnets. 
  • Choose between 5.25x8.25" & 6.75x10.75".  
  • Match them to your loyalty levels
  • Customizable with Carnival ship name, dates (date, month, year) who you cruised with, what you celebrated.  All included in price. 
  • Very heavy duty fully backed magnets. 
  • Complies with all maritime flame retardant regulations as finished product is flame retardant.

For these magnets provide this information:

1.Family and/or first name(s) you want on magnet
2.Ship name
4.Stateroom door number
5.VIFP cruise status of cruise (Blue,Red,Gold,Platinum,Diamond)
6.Cruise dates (day, month and/or year)
7.Any additional cruise title or theme.

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